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The committee organizes various events such as below:

  1. Abstract volume for innovation in education
    • Editor: Dr Sujata Dhopte.
  2. International Journal of Interdisciplinary knowledge. Peer reviewed International Research Journal
    • Editor: Dr Sujata Dhopte.
    • Three issues have been published in 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.
  3. Aakar (College Magazine)
    • Coeditors: Amita Johnson, Abhilasha Gupta
    • Nine issues have been published of the magazine.
  4. ‘Dhusyant Kumar:Ek Shodharthi Ki Nazar Se’(Book)
    • Author: Dr Jeamini Pandya
  5. Make In India (Students Research Book)
    • Editor: Dr Sujata Dhopte.
    • Editor: Dr Sujata Dhopte.
  7. Research Compendium: VOL I,II & III