The B.Com. program (Credit Based Semester Grading System) is of six semesters (three years).

The institution started in 1994 with 37 students initially enrolling for F.Y.B.Com.

As of 2017-18, the institution has about 1800 students enrolled for the B.Com. program.

1. Accountancy & Financial Management-I 1. Accountancy & Financial Management–II
2. Business Economics–I 2. Business Economics–II
3. Foundation Course–I 3. Foundation Course-II
4. Introduction to Business-I 4. Service Sector
5. Environmental Studies-I 5. Environmental Studies-II
6. Mathematics & Statistical Techniques-I 6. Mathematics & Statistical Techniques-II
7. Business Communication-I 7. Business Communication-II

1. Accountancy & Financial Management–III 1. Accountancy & Financial Management–IV
2. Business Economics – III 2. Business Economics – IV
3. Foundation Course – III 3. Foundation Course – IV
4. Business Law – I 4. Business Law – II
5. Management :Functions & Challenges 5. Management :Production & Finance
6. Advertising or Computer Programming 6. Advertising or Computer Programming
7. Management Accounting 7. Auditing
1. Financial Accounting – V 1. Financial Accounting – VI
2. Cost Accounting 2. Cost Accounting
3. Marketing 3. Human Resource Management
4. Indian Economy (Business Economics – V) 4. Indian Economy (Business Economics – VI)
5. Direct Taxes 5. Indirect Taxes
6. Export Marketing or Computer Systems & Applications 6. Export Marketing or Computer Systems & Applications
  1. Admission to the course of Computer Programming is on purely merit basis
  2. Subjects may change as per University regulations

Students should note the important rules that are in force regarding admission, passing and promotion in the B.Com. program:

  1. All admissions are through learner friendly online admission system on our admission portal
  2. Not more than two subjects failures are allowed per semester.
  3. For admission to T.Y.B.Com. (Semester –V) either F.Y.B.Com. (First and Second Semester) or S.Y.B.Com. (Third and Fourth Semester) should be fully clear without any failures.
  4. The provision for appearing at the ‘Additional Examination’ has been scrapped by the University for all, except for those who were medically unfit, participated in recognised sports or cultural events representing the college and have submitted satisfactory and conclusive         documentary evidence in support thereof.