Rules (Regulations and Policies)

  1. refund & cancellation policy:

    1. Cancellation of Admission & Refund of Fees (For junior college):If a student desires to cancel admission prior to the commencement of the academic year, the Original Leaving
      Certificate will be returned. However, once the student name is entered in the General Register (GR) then, only
      College Leaving Certificate (LC) will be issued on payment of L.C. Charges of Rs.50/-.

      If a student informs the college, in writing before the commencement of the academic year that he/she wants to
      withdraw and he/she cannot continue his education in the college for any reason, the college will refund, in full,
      the tuition fee, term fee, library deposit actually charged from the student. The admission fee will not be

      If a student desires to withdraw and plies for refund of fees after the commencement of the academic year the
      college, will retain the admission fee. Term fee and Laboratory deposits will however, be refunded. As for the
      tuition fee is concerned, the college will retain the tuition fee only for the month(s) beginning from the month in
      which the academic year has commenced ending with the month in which the student had applied for withdrawal and
      refund of fees. The tuition fees for the remaining months of the term will be refunded.

      There will be no refund of fees after 30
      th September.

      A student applying for discontinuation and refund of fees shall surrender the Identity Card and the Library Card,
      if issued to him/her and the fee receipt along with his application.

    2. Cancellation of Admission & Refund of Fees(for degree college):Refund of Fees, Development Fee and all other fees after cancellation of admissions:

      The candidates who have taken admission in undergraduate courses in Government Colleges, in Government Aided &
      Unaided courses conducted by affiliated colleges and recognised institutions may request for refund of fees after
      applying in writing for cancellation of their admission to the course. The refund of fees as applicable shall be made
      on or before 30
      th day after the date of cancellation and their after. The percentage of fees for the course shall be
      refunded to the candidates after deducting charges as follows:

      Table for Fees deduction on cancellation of Admission as per University Ordinance 0.2859 Period & Percentage
      of Deduction charges:

      (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI)
      Prior to commencement of academic term and instructions of the course Upto 20 days after the commencement of the academic term of the course From 21
      st day upto 50 days after the commencement of the academic term of the course
      st day upto 80 days after the commencement of the academic term and of the course or August 31
      st whichever is earlier.
      From September, 1
      st to September, 30th
      After September, 30
      Deduction Charges Rs.500/- Lumpsum 20% of the total amount of fees 30% of the total amount of fees 50% of the total amount of fees 60% of the total amount of fees 100% of the total amount of fes

      Note: The total amount considered for the refund of fees the commencement of the academic term courses included
      the following:

      1. All the fee items chargeable for one year are as per relevant University circulars for different faculties
        (Excluding the programs for which the total amount is fixed by other concerned authorities.)
      2. The fee charged towards Group Insurance and all fee components to be paid as University Share (Including
        Vice-Chancellor Fund, University) Fees for Sports & Cultural Activities, E-Charges, E-Suvidha, Disaster
        Management Fund, Exam Fees and Environment Fee) are non-refundable if payment is made by the college prior to the
        date of cancellation.
      3. Fee collected for Identity & Library Card, Admission Form & Prospectus, Enrolment and any other course
        specific fee are not refundable after the commencement of the academic term.
      4. All refundable deposits (Laboratory, Caution Money & Library etc.) shall be fully returned at the time of


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    2. All information provided here should be held in strict confidence and should not be reproduced, revealed,
      transmitted or made accessible in whole or in part, in any manner, to any other entity.
    1. As per the Maharashtra Secondary & Higher Education Board Regulations 1977, under the Section 88(1) (A), 75%
      Attendance per term in each subject of the total working days is compulsory, failing which the student becomes
      ineligible to appear for the Final Examination conducted by the College for Std.XI and HSC Board for Std.XII
  4. Privacy Policy:
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    2. If you want to know more about how we record non-personal information about your visit or how we use information
      that you voluntarily submit, read on
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