The aim of the English Association:  ‘WORDS … WORTH’ is to further knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the English language and its literatures. It also to provides a platform for students to hone their creativity, build confidence and fluency in the usage of the language. Its purpose is to refind the language skills in an informal setting and to promote good reading habits among its members. The activities of the club are so arranged so as to build all the language skills – speaking, writing, and listening as well as to nurture the creative imagination of its members. The Association is successfully running since 2007.
It organizes its Annual Festival ‘Lit Quest’ where writers/ poets and authors are invited.
English Association Members :

Happenings : Elocutions, Debates, Extempore, Just a minute talks, Story – telling Competitions, Narrate an experience, Spelling bee, word quizzes, language games, Interview skills, group discussions, story writing, poetry writing, visit to literature festivals, plays, and so on. The distinctive characteristic of the association is the use of play, games and excitement to keep up the interest of the students.

The Association also runs a Book Club. In this students are encouraged to read, appreciate and connect to good literature. Selected novels and books are circulated and read. Readers then share their experience of the book and discuss the issues, characters, language, explain the relevance, do an improvisation, translate, change the ending of a novel, develop a sequel etc. Book review competitions are also organized.

Convener : Prof. Archana Singh
Members : Prof. Vijay Savkare
Prof. Nehal Maniar
Prof. Pragya Jain
Prof. Sandipa Chatterjee
Prof. Chinmayee Saraiya