Best Library User Award

To motivate the students to make the efficient use of the library and its services, the ‘Best Library User Award’ has been started from 2017-2018.

Eco friendly Green Activity: Drop a Coin & Pick a Magazine

Under the Eco- Friendly/Green Activity Library exhibited popular magazines, readers could take any of old issues of popular Magazines by dropping a coin. Every summer and Diwali it would be organized in the Central library hall.

Activity Date Members
1st Green Activity 13/04/2016 to 30/04/2016 Dr.Krishna Gandhi (ex-principal)
2nd Green Activity 21/04/2017 to 30/04/2017 Ms. Amita Johnson (Assoc. Prof.)
3rd Green Activity 07/05/2018 to 12/05/2018 Dr. Rajiv Karnik
4th  Green Activity 17/06/2019 to 22/06/2019 Dr. Archana Singh
5th Green Activity 23/12/2020 to 28/02/2021 Ms. Reshmi Achyuthan (Assoc. Prof.)

Granthotsav Annual Book Exhibition

Every year Library exhibits books on various areas such as Economics, Commerce, Accounts, and Fiction. Personal Development, Information Technology, and Competitive Examination etc. from prominent publishers like McGraw Hill, Pearson education, Taxman, Oxford were displayed in the Library exhibition cum sale. Most of the faculty members and administrative staff filled up the recommendation form and selected the books for library as per their subject interest. Many students and faculty got an opportunity to select a book under the “Book Collection Development Policy” and “Book your Books Scheme” students can also order books for the college library. It supported the library to enhance the collection as well as satisfied the need of users.

Activity Exhibition Date Inaugurated by
10th Granthotsav 06/12/2017 & 07/12/2017 Asst. Prof Mr. Bharat Gupta
11th Granthotsav 12/12/2017 & 13/12/2007 Asst. Prof Ms Sneha Vaidya
12th Garnthotsav 03/01/2019 & 04/01/2019 Asst. Prof Mr.Sampurnand Verma
13th Garnthotsav 10/12/2019 & 11/12/2019 Assoc. Prof Ms. Abhilasla Gupta

Library Orientation Programme

The main objective of the Library Orientation Programme is to introduce Library facilities, Services, activities for the new batch students for the particular academic year of the college as well as to make them familiar about the functioning of Library, to explain need and importance of Library online and offline resources and techniques