The leadership of the institution gives full support for framing of policies and planning on the basis of student’s feedback. In the past, many changes schedules and changes in physical infrastructure have been made on the basis of students’ representations. The ‘Students’ Council’ of the institution, is active in this respect. The members of the students’ council meet the teachers and the Principal frequently, to suggest changes or to initiate and introduce new plans and policies, which are very much considered. The institution recognises that, its purpose of existence is to carter to the educational needs of the students and therefore, their suggestions are taken up most seriously. Students are regularly sent to Indian Student’s Parliament Pune.
Convener : Prof. Dhimant Kapadia
Members : Prof. Rajesh Dharawat
Prof. Rajiv Karnik
Prof. Thomas Martins
Prof. Shilpa Soni
Prof. Jasleen Kaur Bhaad