‘I Lead India’

Entrepreneurial Incubation Cell

……..be the change you want to see around you.

‘I Lead India’ is a clarion call that pushes the youth to stand up and be counted.

MKS Youth Brigade of committed students who can break out of the inertia gripping society and take charge of making a change for good. However small it may be.

The MKS Youth Brigade members will roll up their sleeves and get into the thick of their task in connection with patriotic values.



Recipients of ‘I Lead India Awards’

  • Aayush Darshan Desai
  • Prathmesh Arun Adhav
  • Rushiv Pramodbhai Patel
  • Urvan Keshavji Gami

Some Projects By the Students

Activities for the current term

  • Inauguration event by conducting Seminar on Indian Constitution by Mr Avinash Kolhe, renowned Literary personality, Journalist & Political Analyst as a celebration of 26th January, Republic Day.
  • Guidance lecture for students about joining UPSC examinations like IAS, IPS etc.
  • Dr. Anupama Iyer conducted Workshop for building the relevant skills and values that will assist students in expanding their perspectives on self-employment or for organizing, financing and/or managing an enterprise.

Students In Charge

Mahek Nagda


Raj Kaklotar


Niddhi Sharma


Teachers In Charge

Prof. Dimple Mehta
Adv. Khushboo Wadhawan
Dr. Sujata Dhopte